Medical Insurance Singapore

In today’s insurance industry, it is a highly competitive arena for insurance players to out-perform one another, by keeping its competitiveness through innovative products, excellent customer experience, while streamlining operation processers and optimizing resources. Industry leaders are increasingly turning to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions, to help them focus on their core business competency and to grow in its market place.

While some BPOs are managed through its legacy system, we develop SaaS-based BPO solutions that are customized for insurance business needs, providing comprehensive functionalities and features which are normally found in expensive legacy systems. Apart from technological capabilities, BPO at Adept is managed by a team of skilled and committed personnel. Understanding the business and supply chain is the key to our success, especially in the health-related insurance industry, our area of key competency.

Harnessing on some of the latest innovative technologies and solutions, together with domain expertise and operational excellence, Adept TTP delivers strategic business value to insurance partners though its Business Process Outsourcing solutions. We take care of the back-end day to day operations, delivering high quality service, improving process efficiency and transparency, and enabling business decisions based on comprehensive data analysis.

BPO Capabilities and Services

1. Online and Mobile Applications

(Enhance accessibility and customer friendliness, which improves its marketability and branding)

  • Quote and Purchase
  • New and renewal policy management
  • Agent account management
  • Trending analysis

2. Claims Management
(Managed based on 3 keys principles: Accuracy, Fairness, Promptness. Our claim management has its stringent workflows in adjudication, verification, and disbursement process.)

  • Submission and Collection
  • Adjudication and Verification
  • Investigation and case management
  • Disbursement and Payment (agent module and policy member module)
  • E-communication and notification
  • Claim data analysis and monitoring

3. Contacts Centre

  • Customer Service Support Centre
  • Patient Assistance Centre
  • Travel Assistance Centre
  • Medical Emergency Support Centre

4. Case Management Centre

  • Medical Assessment by Specialists
  • Loss investigation and surveying

5. Medical Network Management and Assistance

6. Marketing and Customer Relations Management (CRM)

For further information on our insurance BPO’s solutions and capabilities, please contact us.