Singapore – The World Choice Healthcare Destination

A dynamic and multi-cultural city rich in contrast and colour with strategic location, excellent infrastructure and great attractions, Singapore is a leading destination, not only for business and leisure, but also for world class, affordable and safe healthcare. With the good reputation and track records of Singapore's well-trained doctors and world-class hospitals, the demand for ‘Best Treatment’ has been on the rise, both locally and internationally. Singapore attracts some 400,000 international patients annually to its shore. In year 2009 Singapore Health Statistics, the Specialist outpatient visits increased from 2.6 million visits in 1999 to 3.9 million visits in 2009.

At Adept, we facilitate convenience for patients to seek medical treatment in Singapore; assist and advise patients on navigating the health eco-system and provide them adequate access to some of the best practiced Doctors at the World-Class medical centres and hospitals. We seek to empower the individuals and doctors in using their patient health information and scheduling in an efficient and effective manner, so as to deliver an entirely pleasant and excellent health experience in Singapore.

Adept Medical Assist

Adept’s Medical Assist (AMA) capabilities and services:

1. Medical Assistance Services

  • Provide advice on navigating health eco-system and assist in healthcare needs
  • Medical panel and healthcare service on per-use or retainer basis
  • Tele-medicine services for offshore, oil rigs and barges
  • Emergency Evacuation and repatriation services
  • Overseas outpatient and inpatient medical services
  • Sourcing agent for medical drugs, supplies, devices and emergency equipment
  • Pre-mobilization or periodical medical screening
  • Drug and alcohol testing (on board or panel clinic)
  • Medical and drug inspection and coordination on board/ in-house clinic
  • Issuing Letter of Guarantee (LOG)

2. Best Practiced Specialist Panel

A respected group of medical specialists transcending across various specialties

3. Auxiliary Healthcare Providers and Services

  • Physiotherapy
  • Counselling
  • Diagnostic and screening laboratory/ Imaging services
  • Nutrition information and health feeds

4. Patient Assistance Centre and 24 hour helpline

  • Advice on navigating health eco-system and providing healthcare information
  • Provide guidance to members on medical services
  • Provide hospital and home visit to support and counsel members

5. Medical Concierge and Logistic arrangement

  • Make appointment with the right medical specialists and healthcare services
  • Assist in pre and post hospital admission
  • Assist in sourcing medical supplies and equipment
  • Provide meeting services at various points of entry in Singapore for patient/family
  • Facilitate patient’s transfer arrangement with medical support between facilities and various points of embarkation
  • Arrangement for hotel and lodging services
  • Visa application and extension services
  • Flight booking for entry and departure

6. Documentation and Administration

  • Hospital admission processes and documentations
  • Insurance claims collation, submission and documentation

7. Evacuation and Repatriation Services

  • Case management of emergency medical evacuation to Singapore
  • Medical evaluation via air ambulance, vessels and land transportation
  • Patient Repatriation back to home country
  • Financial counselling on medical evacuation and repatriation

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